Off-topic Thursday

Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you’re all doing well ^_^

Today I want to go off-topic, because something new entered my life and it’s taking up a big chunk of my brain-space, while I’m knitting away on my socks 😉

My husband and I have been talking about investing our money for a while now. He used to have penny stocks in the past. But for me it’s all new.
Truth be told, I didn’t like economics in high school, and didn’t understand a lot of it. (Same goes for Math by the way, haha).
Although I think there were reasons for that. As I was following a much lower education than my IQ level (which we didn’t know at the time), but my diagnoses were in the way of keeping up in school.
I didn’t get diagnosed until 2018, age 34. So sadly there is nothing we can do about that anymore 🙂 I can only try and educate myself now. Which I’ve been doing for many years and really enjoy 😀
But I’m getting sidetracked.

So I’ve been listening to audiobooks on investing your money in stocks and bonds, ETFs, etc, while knitting. And reading up online on various websites.
There was this one audiobook I really enjoyed. It explained everything so clearly, I decided to purchase the paperback. It’s called “Blondjes beleggen beter” (sorry, it’s only in Dutch).

I’m still familiarizing myself with all the terminology in both Dutch and English. So please bear with me 😉

So first I set up a plan for our “normal” savings. We already have some savings, but I’d like it to be a bit more, before we start to invest our money. Just so we are prepared for certain purchases or unexpected bills / costs.
In the meantime we are playing around a bit on the BUX Zero app, just to familiarize ourselves with it, and get to know the market.
The upcoming months while we are still saving, I want to keep a close eye on the stock market, the news (something I purposely avoided full time for many years now), and keep track of specific sectors. Like medical and technology.
This way I hope to be well-informed when we go to the market for real. (And not just with some play money).

Our reasons for investing are multiple.
Firstly, pension is pretty much non-existent anymore. My husband worked most of his adult life in temp jobs. And even though they lasted for years, so far they unfortunately never led to a solid job contract. (But we have high hopes this may change very soon! *fingers crossed*!).
I only have / had part time jobs every now and then. So it doesn’t add up to much either.
Secondly, there is inflation.
And last but not least, interest in the bank is also non-existent.
So if you want to safe money, avoid inflation and get some interest, the stock market is pretty much your only option.

To avoid too many risks, I hope to get informed enough to see what ETFs best to invest in, and some solid companies we think will be around for many years to come. Spread the money among countries and sectors. But we plan to stay mostly Europe based.
And then just go for the long haul.

Do any of you have experience in investing money?
Or have advice on what to do, or definitely not to do?

I sincerely hope this post didn’t bore anyone silly, haha.
Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!

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